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Menu of Royal Palace Seafood Restaurant

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Dim Sum Menu

Steamed Dim Sum

Rice Flour Rolls

Baked & Fried Dim Sum

Something Sweet 甜甜蜜蜜

Kitchen Specialties Menu 御廚小廚

Signature Dishes 御廚精選

Kitchen Specialties 御廚小廚

Congee (Rice Broth) 心滿意粥

Fried Noodles & Rice Dishes 粉麵飯

Dinner Menu

Starters 精美頭盤

Soup 湯羹

Seafood 海鮮類

Chicken & Goose 雞鵝類

Beef 牛肉類

Pork 豬肉類

Hot Pot 煲仔類

Vegetables 蔬菜類

Tofu 豆腐

Fried Rice 炒飯類

Fried Noodles 粉麵類

Dim Sum

Set Menu